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Bonne Hugo

Bonne Hugo is a lovely female phantom who lives inside the Louvre Museum in Paris. She is the protector spirit of some music artists: Fratelli Stellari and DJoNemesis & Lilly. Bonne Hugo performs two shows every night, from Thursday to Sunday.
During winter Bonne lives in the Louvre, while on summer she haunts the Père-Lachaise Cemetery. When visiting the Louvre or the Père-Lachaise, please ask to the guides some information about this nice entity.

Visit her channel on YouTube

Bonne on DJoNemesis & Lilly's Blog

Bonne on Google Plus

Below: Bonne working as a phantom inside the Louvre Musem

Bonne Hugo is the wife of Ugo Bona, a nice alien man living in Vinci, Italy

Ugo Bona, husband of Bonne Hugo

Ugo during a stroll on the planet Nosteratu

Ugo on the bridge of his spaceship

Ugo's greetings from Alfa Marina

Below: Bonne in some of her performances

Below: Bonne reveals her true face!!!

Below: "A Music Phantom at the Louvre Museum", video by Bonne Hugo

Below: The Best Apparitions of a Lovely Phantom Inside the Louvre Museum